Frequently Asked Questions


The Economic Development Collective has created partnerships to provide business owners with capital, education and relationships to assist in contributing to your hard work toward success. Our cohesive approach helps our clients create jobs/internships and stimulates the economic development in a myriad of income communities, specifically low-to-moderate income communities or the under served areas based on cultural demographics.

 01  I'm a new business, is there a cost involved for EDC community business or educational services?

EDC is a non-profit. Therefore our services are typically FREE.  We are supported by community banks and grants to supplement the cost of education and services.  There may be a time or situation where there will be a nominal fee not covered by grants . 




 02  I just bought an established business, yet I'm treated like a startup by my local bank! How can I get funding?

Your new business enterprise is just that; a new business.  Contact us and speak to a financial or community adviser related to the market segment you are doing business in.  We will direct you free of charge on avenues toward your goal of funding streams. Our "Advocates" are all volunteer and may serve as mentors and advisers. 




 03  I'm looking to provide my employees with business or leadership courses. Can EDC provide the tools and is there a cost?

Yes,  EDC has a wealth of leadership and professional development opportunities for your company and staff.  We can coordinate an off site "retreat" or an intimate dinner supplying your company or staff the opportunity to mingle and learn from CEO's, university professors  and professionals.  Contact us and let's discuss how we can assist in your next professional development retreat for your company. 




 04  I'm looking to hold a business meeting for my executive staff off site and provide professional development training.

Because EDC is a non-profit, our community connections can introduce you to many options for an off site venue.  Our courses are designed to include; personal leadership, corporate leadership, business and management, entrepreneurial mindset, employee coaching techniques etc... Courses are  taught by university professors or subject matter experts. Contact us to design the opportunity you or your firm are looking for. 




 05  I'm a community bank, corporation or a passionate person looking to contribute time and resources to helping my business community, how can we partner with EDC!

EDC is always looking for "Advocates" and partners to further our mission in educating our business community.  The economy relies on the strength of education and how to foster forward growth. If you are a community organization, local financial institution or an individual that has the opportunity to assist their community, contact us directly.  The networking alone will add to everyone's education.