Organizational & Community Advocates


As part of the Economic Development Collective, the following individuals are working with our board, our mission and our community to assist and infuse their knowledge, subject matter expertise and experience to further advance enterprise, funding and education toward workforce and economic success.

Stephanie Krol, PhD
Business and Education Consultant /  Coach & Entrepreneur 
Raymond Carso, MBA
Fund Manager / Bank Executive
Alfred Lewis, D. Mgt.
Education /Business 

Daniela Rubic, B.A.

Entrepreneur / UNEX Architect / Tech Designer

Sherry Kosinar, M. A.

Entrepreneur, Psychotherapist / Leadership coach

Wayner Gerstein,B.A.

Entrepreneur / Funding


Megan McKeon, B. A. 
Higher Ed pathway specialist
Terri Armstrong, PhD
Higher Education, Project Management Consultant/ Specialist  

John Mattos, B.S. 

Entrepreneur / Leasing & Funding Expert

Marla Scheckman

Entreprenuer / Fitness Coach

Annika Andersson, PhD.
Education / Workforce
Tim D'Anza, B.A.
Executive Credit Analyst/business funding expert
Maria O'Hollearn, MBA
Business & Education Specialist/ consultant/ entrepreneur
Mark Christie, B.A.
Entrepreneur, UEFA A License, MLS SJ Quakes
Youth Academy Coach
Sharnette Katherine-Kieth, MBA
Banking Expert/ Business Turnaround Specialist
Tisha Munoz, MBA
Accounting / Business Operations Specialist
Robert Robledo, B.A.
Sales,Marketing & Events management Specialist
Zelda Pierce, PhD, RN
Allied Health Educator / Consultant
Kat Worthham, B.A.
Marketing; client relationships/ event planning
Lola Woloch, B.A.
Management-Sales Consultant / Entrepreneur