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EDC assists minority business in the Silicon Valley

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Martinez Drywall & Framing Inc., Martha's Cleaning Service & Sherman Oaks Barber Shop

Hispanic and Women owned small businesses are overlooked

Three small businesses in the Silicon Valley needed business assistance from non traditional funding to strategy. The Silicon Valley is where soaring housing prices and electric cars run the roads in the insular environment of global innovation. As data illustrates, small business provides the services to the tech and behemoth businesses that dot the landscapes. EDC looks to educate all communities to further business operations, funding and create the resources needed for economic growth.

"As I started to further develop my business and spread my service in the construction trade, I needed sound real advise after 7 years in business. My banker is not a business person nor are my friends and family, The advise and financial resources I received from EDC organized my marketing and got me the funding for the right equipment for the bigger jobs" Martin- President of Martinez Drywall and Framing,Inc.